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Finally, a central station that makes the most of your valuable time by delivering the ease-of-use, power, clinical
efficiency and advanced features that you expect from Mindray North America, A Mindray Global Company.
Clinical efficiency
Hardwired, ambulatory and instrument telemetry on a single display gives you freedom to select the appropriate
   monitoring device based upon patient acuity.
Advanced Arrhythmia Algorithm is specifically designed to decrease false calls, increasing confidence in alarm
Bidirectional bedside alarm tracking ensures continuity of alarm settings between bedside monitors and
   central stations.
Automatic data presentation based on the parameters monitored reduces the time required for display
Powerful and easy to use
Intuitive layout and logical menus minimize training time and costs, and streamline system operation.
Flat panel touch screen eliminates the need for a mouse and keyboard at the nurse's station, streamlining
   system operation and freeing up desk space.
Continuous storage of all waveforms and numeric information for up to 72 hours, including 1,000 events and
   3,000 list trends per patient, creates a continuous clinical record during the patientís stay.
Hardwired or wireless bedside monitors, as well as ambulatory telemetry can all be viewed on the same
   Central Station. Multiple Central Stations can be networked together providing expansion capabilities as needed.
Advanced Options
Web Viewer software application provides remote intranet access to the Panorama Central Monitoring System
12-Lead ECG waveform and ST trend data, transmitted using wireless WMTS or via a hardwired network, can be
   stored for up to 72 hours, minimizing the need for serial EKGs.
Paging software links the Panorama Central Station to your hospitalís paging system to alert clinical staff of
   patient alarms and technical events.
HL7 Gateway interface enables automated ADT download from, and results data upload to, a HIS/CIS
   eliminating the need for charting and minimizing transcription errors.
Workstations at remote Nurseís stations provide selection and independent viewing of any patient assigned
   to any central station on the Panorama Patient Monitoring Network.

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